Hi, I’m Celeste!

I’m a writer! I am also a student at the University of Toronto, a stand-up comedian, a writer & cast member for The Sketchersons, the editor of an academic journal about media at the University of Toronto called The Foolscap, and a good friend.

I used to be a fellow at The Second City Toronto, the head writer of U of T’s sketch comedy troupe The Follies, the humour editor of the student newspaper The StrandI have also worked for VICE Canada and on the community team at Instagram‘s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.

I’ve written blogs, personal essays, entertainment reviews, short films, sketches, love letters, hate letters, “I feel” statements, grocery lists with vegetables*, grocery lists without vegetables, emails with the subject line “(No Subject)” about subjects, and other things.

If I lose all my memories tomorrow, this website is some proof of the things I care about: anti-racism, comedy, snacks (in almost exactly the order I care about them).

I hope I don’t lose all of my memories tomorrow and if I do, I hope I don’t regret leaving my newly blank-memoried self with only this dumb, pun website domain. I hope I also don’t regret using this stupid, dumb, pun website for a bunch of dumb dumb brags and quasi-accolades instead of meaningful, intimate photographs, letters, and other personal treasures that I have shared with those I love in my ultimately limited cognizant time.

Whatever, though! Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahah… Haha. 😦

I hope we get along. Talk to you soon!

Love you,

*I have never written a grocery list with vegetables and I’m sorry for lying but I will never apologize for protecting myself from evil.


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